Hoverboard schematics

The objective of this science fair project is to build a hovercraft on which you can glide over a flat surface. Hovercraft by Rachel and Sara. A hovercraft is a type of vehicle that rides on air that is under pressure. A flexible curtain, called a skirt, is attached to the outer perimeter of the craft to contain the air beneath it.

The diagram in Figure 1 shows some of the key parts of a commercial hovercraft. The propellers force air toward the back of the craft, creating a forward thrust. The fans direct the air that is under pressure into the chamber beneath the craft. This air cushion lifts the hovercraft up, creating a small gap between the craft and the ground, for air to escape.

Check out the short Dragonfly video to see an example of how two students, Rachel and Sara, designed and built a working hovercraft. Then read on to see how you can build one, too. Rachel and Sara found that different types of skirts, one tight and one baggy, affected how the hovercraft worked. To determine how the air was flowing out from beneath the hovercraft, they placed glitter under the hovercraft.

Then they tested the two types of skirts for speed and for maneuverability in obstacle courses. The goals of this project are 1 to build a hovercraft on which you can glide over a flat surface, and 2 to test what features affect the performance of the hovercraft.

There are a number of variables that you will need to consider:. Before you build your hovercraft, make sure you know what the following terms mean. Have an adult help you search the Internet or take you to your local library to find out more.

The basic hovercraft you built can be modified to provide more control, and to test other designs. For each of these variations, ask yourself "How will this change in design affect the performance of the hovercraft? Write your predictions down, along with a brief justification for each one. Compare your predictions to what actually happened. What was the most important thing you learned? Science Buddies materials are free for everyone to use, thanks to the support of our sponsors.

What would you tell our sponsors about how Science Buddies helped you with your project?

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They helped me get the idea of what I should do for my science fair project. This website is the reason why I choose my project. It also helped me get a really good grade. Compared to a typical science class, please tell us how much you learned doing this project.By jjchanOctober 12, in Hoverboard. This post may help for all kind of hover board electric scooter fault diagnosis.

It usually caused from the shaking when riding or carelessness of factory. My niece bought a Surreal hover board but it broke down on the same day It's a XN2 I believe. The problem: just one blue led lights up. And only one wheel can be operated. I looked inside but could not see any disconnected cables.

So it should be something with the C-connector or C-connection? There is a small led on the mainboard with flashes 9 times. So now I'm a little bit confused. I have a hoverboard that functions on one side only as well. The motherboard also flashes nine times in succession repeatedly.

Before the side quit working, it would jerk erratically. We tried to calibrate it, and it quit moving. The led stays on as long as power is applied.

I swapped the motion co-board boards out and the problem followed to the other side. It appears that a motion board is bad on the side that does not operate. I can't tell you if it is the same problem or not, just the similarities in the motherboard led flashing nine times.

Give it a try. I have problem and need some help. I bought my son a ancheer hoverboard and on the 3rd day he was using it at the park. He wiped out and the HB flw right in to the pond.

I want to say it was in about a foot and half of water for around a minute or two at the most. I don't think the warranty covers this so I'm trying to find out if there is any hope on fixing it.

I left it to dry for about a week in the sun. I pulg it in and the wheels start to twitch back and forth. There are no light on the board that turn on and the charger makes a low beeping sound and the charge indicator flashes red and green.

I have looked around and the best I have found is the it's the battery or the mother board or both Thanks in advance. I had issue with two flashes of Red LED too. Here is how I did that. First of all, calibration procedure didn't work for me.

The motors did not move at all.You've probably landed on this page because your hoverboard battery won't retain a charge. If this page doesn't fix your problem, then we also have a well-organized page hoverboard battery 'ultimate guide' which touches on every hoverboard battery problem we're aware of.

Unfortunately, a hoverboard battery that isn't working is not repairable by a common consumer, but it is replaceable!

How To Build a Real Hoverboard - James Bruton

For some of you who just purchased a hoverboard, you're probably wondering why your hoverboard battery is not charging. We hear it all of the time actually, "but my hoverboard is new, it keeps dying! I just opened it yesterday! The problem doesn't lie with you, but with the original seller of the hoverboard. A lot of times companies will sit on thousands and thousands of unsold hoverboards. So, the bad news is that if this story sounds all too familiar and describes you, then you're probably not going to get a response from the company who sold you the hoverboard and good luck getting a battery replacement from them.

There are several different types of hoverboard batteries for sale. However, with all their differences, almost all of them are a "one size fits most" type of ordeal. This is also sometimes gray, or even green. The blue shrink-wrapped battery is a basic battery that was included in most all hoverboard brands and models in The gray and green batteries were also from the same era but were much less popular battery models during that time.

Get a New Hoverboard Battery. These new and improved batteries are almost always contained within a thick black plastic shell never metal as it is conductive. These batteries are almost all exclusively black in color.

If none of the above seemed to work for you, then it's possible that it could be a broken hoverboard charger that's your problem. You can follow that link to a guide that will show you how to test if your hoverboard charger is bad.

It has the 36v 2. He has the rouge Jetson hover board. Thanks so much! Yes it sounds like you have done your homework! A hoverboard battery that won't retain a charge is the most common symptom of needing a new battery. It is likely that it sat around in a warehouse for awhile before it got to Target, or that the battery was just one of the unlucky bad ones.

Feel free to order a replacement hoverboard battery from us; our 36v 2. Please check the size and shape of our batteries against the one you already have to ensure that it will fit.

I wanted to buy a hoverboard so bad! Glad mom got a StreetSaw! It's made me so popular with other kids. My parents got me a StreetSaw for Christmas and I love it! This is the best hoverboard for sale online! My mom went to buy a hoverboard from Amazon and it broke.Hoverboards, or more accurately, balance boards, self-balancing scooters, or Segways without handlebars, were one of the hottest items last holiday season.

In more recent news, they've become infamous for exploding lithium ion batteries and unstable control. So what's the deal with these machines being labeled as "unsafe for human use? Do they get a bad reputation because of negligent parents buying toys for their children that have as much stored potential energy as a stick of dynamite?

As with most controversies, we discovered the situation to be some of both. So what do you need to know if you're interested in a hoverboard? Self-balancing boards have frames that pivot in the center. The light remains on when the rider keeps their feet flat, letting the logic board know not to run the motors. When the rider leans forward, the switch turns off the LED light, then the sensor lets the logic board know to spin those wheels.

Since the motors are independent of one another, a rider can actually do circles in place. One of the better explanations of how they work can actually be found on a website called BestElectronicHoverboard. There have been instances of boards bursting into flames while being ridden; these are likely due to poor battery position and insulation.

Some teardowns have shown the insides of inferior hoverboards to have a mess of wires and nothing to hold the battery in place.

There are safety standards for the individual components in hoverboards, but none for the boards themselves. Below is a teardown of a popular hoverboard model. One reason that the BatWings is so popular is the Samsung lithium battery. A lot of the low-quality hoverboards that are bursting into flames have poorly made, unregulated battery packs. We rode the BatWings pretty hard for extended periods of time and didn't experience any overheating. The BatWings also has Bluetooth speakers with surprisingly good sound quality.

It may not be the most practical accessory, but we did thoroughly enjoy making the other businesses in our office complex jealous as we hovered around the building bumping Biggie Smalls. You can see the specs on this version of the new product segment below:. Because of their small wheels and non-existent suspension, hoverboards don't do well outdoors.So you or your kids got a hoverboard for Christmas.

Electrical connectors came out with modest pressure and occasional help from pliers, with the exception of three wires on each motor, which needed to be pried loose with a screwdriver. Read on to see what I found inside and what you can do with these excellent components.

Laser technician, audio engineer, and Make: author Ross Hershberger had a few other ideas for the motors:. A microswitch and a calculator were used to count turns.

They have a lot of torque. As you might suspect, the battery in this hoverboard is a monster, with a labeled power capacity of 37 volts and 4. There is also a charger included, and the appropriate connectors, which could be used with your build or elsewhere.

Plus you would be farther away if it caught fire. The frame consists of two solid pieces of aluminum with a pivot in the middle that allows it to rotate a few degrees.

One obvious hack for this would be to remove the pin in the middle that restricts rotation. Perhaps this could be used for some sort of windmill or even a robotic arm? This type of sensor could be used for general presence sensing, or in a rotary encoder application, similar to how wheel mice work or used to work, for the most part.

This particular board comes with a pair of interestingly-shaped LED arrays. One with four and one with six lights. Mountainboards, basically ruggedized longboards with large wheels on them, seem tame in comparison. It would seem to me that nearly all of the electronics could be repositioned to make a powered mountainboard.

The powered wheels would be in the back and the same control sensors though likely modified could control forward and reverse. There would be some mechanical challenges, like actually fitting these wheels onto the skateboard hardware, but things should be relatively straightforward electrically. You definitely do anything like this at your own risk, as none of these ideas have been tested.

hoverboard schematics

Additionally, hacking an already suspect hoverboard could exacerbate any pre-existing problems, so proceed with caution! Latest Jeremy S Cook.

Share your hoverboard hacks and ideas in the comments below!

Hoverboards: How Do They Work?

Related Stories from Make:. Send this to a friend Your email Recipient email Send Cancel. Thanks for signing up. Please try again.You've broken your hoverboard. Now you desperately need to do some self balancing scooter repairs like MacGyver.

Relax, just after this commercial break I'll show you how to fix your hoverboard. This is a tutorial video on how to repair the dual-wheel self balancing smart scooter when it breaks from the center. Check the dual-wheel self-balancing scooter repair Here's some of the essential pieces and parts that you might need to have to repair your hoverboard.

I'm still trying to get more guides and manuals to repair a hoverboard on your own. Till then, I highly recommend buying an extended warranty when you buy your hoverboard.

Hoverboard Teardown

How much? Try 2 years. That's a really good deal. Especially if hoverboards keep blowing up. Buy This Item. Here's a replacement battery for your self balancing scooter. How will you know that you need to replace your battery? The battery in your hoverboard is just like the battery that you find in your cell phone.

Since it is a lithium ion battery, you shouldn't need to break the battery in, though I would fully charge it before using it for the first time.

What that entails is fully charging it, and then draining it most of the way and recharging it fully again.

If you do that, it will help prolong the life of your battery. Other things to do:.

hoverboard schematics

The random fires and exploding hoverboards were most likely caused by the batteries overheating or being damaged. They really don't like that. Check out the SE Extreme! Check out the rugged, durable SE Extreme! Gyroscope has 4 pin female plug connects to main board also 4 pin and 3 pin male plugs for the LED lights Please make sure yours part matches with the picture before making the purchase.

All of our boards are tested before shipping. Please diagnose your issue before purchase. You might need to repair and replace a motor or the wheel assembly. This should do the trick for most hoverboards. Of course you'll want to make sure that you get the proper sized one for your self balancing scooter. Sideboards contain the gyro chip needed for balancing on these 2 wheel boards.Each step is accompanied by some explanation so hopefully you can carry over some of the steps to other setups and configurations.

hoverboard schematics

Click above to play video. Hoverboard motors come with three motor phases usually colored yellow, blue, green which are thicker, and a set of 5 thinner wires for the hall sensor feedback usually colored red, yellow, blue, green, black.

You may wire the motor phases in any order into a motor connector on the ODrive, as we will calibrate the phase alignment later anyway. Wire the hall feedback into the ODrive J4 connector make sure that the motor channel number matches as follows:. Therefore to get a reliable hall signal, it is recommended that you add some filter capacitors to these pins. You can see instructions here. Standard 6. If you have a different motor you need to count the magnets or have a reliable datasheet for this information.

Hoverboard hub motors are quite high resistance compared to the hobby aircraft motors, so we want to use a bit higher voltage for the motor calibration, and set up the current sense gain to be more sensitive.

The motors are also fairly high inductance, so we need to reduce the bandwidth of the current controller from the default to keep it stable. Set the encoder to hall mode instead of incremental. See the pinout for instructions on how to plug in the hall feedback.

The hall feedback has 6 states for every pole pair in the motor. Since the hall feedback only has 90 counts per revolution, we want to reduce the velocity tracking bandwidth to get smoother velocity estimates.

hoverboard schematics

Make sure to tune the gains up when you have everything else working to a stiffness that is applicable to your application.

Lets also start in velocity control mode since that is probably what you want for a wheeled robot. In the next step we are going to start powering the motor and so we want to make sure that some of the above settings that require a reboot are applied first.

Check to see that there is no error and that the phase resistance and inductance are reasonable. Here are the results I got:. If all looks good then you can tell the ODrive that saving this calibration to persistent memory is OK:.

Next step is to check the alignment between the motor and the hall sensor.


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